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Vaughn Shumway
Name Vaughn Shumway
Age 13
Gender Male
Height 5'6"
Weight 132 lbs
District 11
Weapons N/A
Appearance Tears of Blood
Fate Deceased
Author Yelof530

Vaughn Shumway was the District Eleven male who competed in the 24th Hunger Games. Vaughn Shumway's story was a short and tragic one, as he was unceremoniously killed by Boston Williams in the Bloodbath. Although Vaughn did not make it far, his legacy of being one of the more kind-hearted tributes stands out. Vaughn is most remembered for his shy and timid nature. His tendencies to immerse himself in the world of fantasy to escape the violence and cruelty of the Games is what made him unique.

A One-Shot was written entitled "Saving Me" , which details the events of his death through his own eyes.

Vaughn was written and created by Yelof530.

Chapter Appearances[]

Tears of Blood[]

Saving Me[]