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Tears of Blood is the first fanfiction by 24tributes24authors. It was first published December 4th, 2011, and has since became one of the most popular fanfictions on fanfiction.net.


24 tributes, 24 authors, the 24th Hunger Games. 24 authors come together to write a hunger games of epic proportions. Only 1 will survive, while 23 authors' dreams get crushed as they watch their characters die. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Twenty-four tributes from the ages of 12-18 from the Capitol's Twelve outlying districts are selected to battle to the death for the Twenty-Fourth Hunger Games, one male and one female from each District. This tournament was brought about twenty-four years previously to punish the Districts, who partook in a bloody rebellion against the Capitol, which ultimately failed, along with resulting in the supposed destruction of District Thirteen. The children of each District are brought together in congregation with the rest of their respective District and partake in a "lottery" system, where the winner is chosen for the Hunger Games to the proclamation of "May the odds be ever in your favour!"

The tributes were as follows: Skye Azurite and Roy Rousseau of District One, Onyx Marshal and Hyre Fletching of District Two, Jules Surket and Mack Tully of District Three, Elia Zervakos and Moss Dorian of District Four, Aella Dekas and Claus Hendall of District Five, Rena Sage and Relk Stein of District Six, Nella Birchalynn and Aspen Checkov of District Seven, Maia Spring and Oak Loaker of District Eight, Sapphire Tree and Ari Locus of District Nine, Aleah Armani and Boston Williams of District Ten, Lilly Cross and Vaughn Shumway of District Eleven and Tara Tremain and Clude Miller of District Twelve.

Tears of Blood begins with the Reaping of the individual tributes, District One through Twelve. The train rides to the Capitol follow, seen through the eyes of Jules? and Tara. Oak and Clude narrate their first impressions of the Capitol, followed by Sapphire, Relk and Moss' perspectives on the chariot rides. The first day in the Capitol was seen á la Lilly and Claus, through training and the evening respectively. The second day was seen by Onyx and Mack, the third by Aleah and Ari, also through training and the evening respectively.

Authors and their Tributes[]

District 1:

Male: Roy Rosseau (Isabugg)

Female: Skye Azurite (live.love.laugh.write)

District 2:

Male: Hyre Fletching (Falconflight)

Female: Onyx Marshal (mrslukecastellan)

District 3:

Male: Mack Tully (Life is but a Daydream)

Female: Jules Surket (Fritz as Pritz)

District 4:

Male: Moss Dorian (xXTeamFinnickXx)

Female: Elia Zervakos (booksandmusic97)

District 5:

Male: Claus Hendall (PumpkinGrin)

Female: Aella Dekas (Alexis S. Blaze)

District 6:

Male: Relk Stein (Jayfish)

Female: Rena Sage (Jojob19)

District 7:

Male: Aspen Chekov (Phoenix Refrain)

Female: Nella Burchalynn (PenMySword)

District 8:

Male: Oak Loaker (Cloud-Lover26)

Female: Maia Spring (SneverusSnapers)

District 9:

Male: Ari Locus (nightfuries)

Female: Sapphire Tree (LegendOfZeldaFreak)

District 10:

Male: Boston Williams (packman23)

Female: Aleah Armani (cottoncandychoctop)

District 11:

Male: Vaughn Shumway (Yelof530)

Female: Lilly Cross (zxskunkmuffinxz; Gypsy Stars[wrote one chapter])

District 12:

Male: Clude Miller (Sallen)

Female: Tara Tremain (MagentaPen)

Placing Name Gender District Death Killed by Author
24th Sapphire Tree Female 9 Knife to throat Hyre Fletching LegendOfZeldaFreak
23rd Relk Stein Male 6 Spear to stomach Himself Jayfish
22nd Vaughn Shumway Male 11 Spear to chest Boston Williams Yelof530
21st Skye Azurite Female 1 Knife stabbed into stomach Lilly Cross Live. Laugh. Love. Write.
20th Maia Spring Female 8 Dagger flung into back Aleah Armani SneverusSnapers
19th Clude Miller Male 12 Knife thrown into stomach Onyx Marshal Sallen
18th Onyx Marshal Female 2 Knife stabbed into stomach Herself / Hyre Fletching Mrslukecastellean
17th Rena Sage Female 6 Knife thrown into head Elia Zervakos Jojob19
16th Mack Tully Male 3 Shredded by knife Claus Hendall Life is But a Daydream
15th Tara Tremain Female 12

Sword through chest / Hammer to head

Boston Williams MagentaPen
14th Oak Loaker Male 8 Suffocation Boston Williams Cloud-Lover26
13th Boston Williams Male 10 Trident to chest Elia Zervakos Packman23
12th Lilly Cross Female 11 Infection from knife wound Skye Azurite (post-mortem) zxskunkmuffinsxz
11th Roy Rousseau Male 1 Steps into fire (set by himself) Himself (technically Aspen Checkov) isabugg
10th Aspen Checkov Male 7 Throat slit with knife Aleah Armani (self-induced) Phoenix Refrain
9th Hyre Fletching Male 2 Injuries / Speared with trident Elia Zervakos (self-induced) Falconflight
8th Ari Locus Male 9 Suffocated Moss Dorian nightfuries
7th Aella Dekas Female 5 Knife to stomach Aleah Armani Lexi Blaze
6th Nella Birchalynn Female 7 Knife to throat Claus Hendall (self-induced) PenMySword
5th Moss Dorian Male 4 Tracker jackers / Knife to heart Jules Surket PearyPants44
4th Claus Hendall Male 5 Injuries / Shredded by rat muttations Gamemaker's rats (technically Aleah Armani) PumpkinGrin
3rd Elia Zervakos Female 4 Tracker jacker venom injection Jules Surket booksandmusic97

Jules Surket

Female 3 Dropped off precipice Aleah Armani Fritz as Pritz
1st Aleah Armani Female 10 N/A

N/A (author: Cottoncandychoctop)