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Tara Tremain
Name Tara Tremain
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 122 lbs
District 12
Weapons Sword, Hatchet
Appearance Tears of Blood
Fate Deceased
Author MagentaPen

Tara Tremain was the District Twelve female who competed in the 24th Hunger Games. Tara, unlike her short-lived partner, lasted a bit longer, landing in 15th place. Tara also seemed to put up a more vicious assault on the playing field than her partner. She almost nearly killed Moss Dorian of District Four with a hatchet, and was then closely watched by Gamemaker Snow herself, eventually ending up getting stuck in quicksand as a result.

Tara Tremain certainly had the fight and fury to win, and may have lasted longer if she had moved anywhere else on the field. Tara became victim to Boston William's wrath and insanity in the graveyard, and while her determination and struggles were noteworthy, her strength could not overpower Boston's. She was killed with a sword through the chest and a hammer to the head.

Tara is most remembered for the theme of prositution and poverty in her chapters. Tara slept with a Peacekeeper in Twelve in order to support her family, and used the money to buy food from the traders. The difficult life and hardships she faced, may have given her the determination she needed to make it as far in the Games as she did.

Tara was written and created by MagentaPen.

Chapter Appearances[]

Tears of Blood[]