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The sling is a rare weapon found in the Games. It is a projectile weapon, not as fast as a bow or slingshot, but near the same speed as a thrown mace or axe. Technically, the sling itself is not the weapon, but a blunt projectile, such as a rock or steel ball is used as the shot. The damage done depends on the strength and speed of the initial release of the projectile, but usually it could prove fatal or near to it if the projectile hits the temple or skull.

The sling requires some practice, as well as some skill in accuracy and strength. A rock or steel ball is placed in the pouch of the sling. Then the wielder twirls and swings the sling in a circular movement. With enough speed, and when timed right, a flick of the wrist and a release of the tab near the handle lets the projectile fly free from the pouch at high speed, heading to wherever it was locked on to.

The sling must be swung, and a release of the rope or tab allows the projectile to fly free from the sling pouch.

The sling is a rare weapon, and it is not at all often found in the Games because of the difficulty and rarity of tributes who choose to wield it. The Careers don't take a liking to the sling either, since they think the contraption as confusing, weak, and flimsy. However, if a projectile makes its mark, the result can prove devastating to an opponent.

Currently, Eric Fiske, District Eleven male in the Quarter Quell, has skill and training with the sling weapon.