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Skye Azurite
Name Skye Azurite
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 112 lbs
District One
Weapons Survival Skills, Gripblades
Appearance Tears of Blood
Fate Died from a stab wound
Author Live.Laugh.Love.Write

Skye Azurite, is the female tribute for District 1 in Tears of Blood. As a child, she was locked in the basement of her family's house, and at the age of 15, she was reaped for the 24th annual Hunger Games. She was killed by Lilly Cross in the bloodbaths, who later died due an infection from the wound Skye gave her. She was written by Live.Laugh.Love.Write.

Early Life

After her brother Topaz was killed in the Hunger Games, her parents were very protective of her, to the point where they locked her in their basement. She spent a lot of time reading books about survival skills, as well as doing Career training. Slowly, the district began to forget about her, to the point were only her parents remembered her.

The Reaping

On the morning of the reaping, Skye wakes up early, and goes to the training section of her basement. She grabs a pair of gripblades, and trains with them for a few hours until her mom comes down. She pretends to be asleep. She "wakes up", and puts on a silk, pink and blue pastel dress. Her parents then lead her out of the basement, and towards the town square. She waits in 15-year-olds section for the reapings to start. The mentor, Creon Agent, takes the stage, and the mayor takes the stage and talks about the history of the games. Creon then calls Skye as the female tribute for the games. As she takes the stage, the people about the district wisper to themselves about who she is. Nobody volenteers for her, as they want to find out who she is. In the Justice Building, her mother wails about how they were only trying to protect her, but Skye yells at her for not caring about her and locking her in the basement. Matt, one of the previous victors comes in and tries to comfort her. He guides her down to the train that takes her away from the district.


Skye was an unfortunate and unexpected bloodbath death. After having formed strong bonds with her district partner, Roy Rousseau, she encountered a tribute with a strong grudge against all District 1 females and faced multiple wounds that ultimately led to her death.

Her mutt appears in Chapter 46 and Chapter 47