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Scythes are relatively common weapons used in the Games. Typically, Scythes can be found near the middle of the weapon pile within the Cornucopia, implying that a Scythe would be slightly difficult to obtain if not a Career.

Scythes, while not able to be thrown, can prove very intimidating to other Tributes. Scythes are not very difficult to use, and thus do not require heavy or specialized combat experience. The only effective way to weild the weapon, would be of course, to swing it in a wide arch, almost in a sweeping or scooping manner.

Besides typical sweeping, a variety of tactics can be used to make the weapon more effective and unpredictable in combat. One tactic would act similar to that of Stick Fighting, where one could spin the weapon like a windmill, and attack with a quick shot from the butt of the weapon and then spinning it rapidly to attack with the blade. This tactic however, could prove very risky, and some Stick Fighting experience is required.

Another tactic involves using the Scythe as a dehabiliting weapon; it involves swinging the Scythe under the legs of a Tribute, thus tripping them and bringing them to the ground. If quick enough, a main weapon such as a sword or club would finish the job thereafter.


  • As of yet, the only Tribute with Scythe experience is Edrick Quillheart, the District 6 male in the Quarter Quell.
  • Although extremely rare, a double-sided Scythe has been known to make an appearance in a few past Games.
  • Because of its size, a Scythe would best be weilded in the hands of a taller Tribute. Although, smaller Scythes have been implimented in the past.