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Vaughn Shumway

Saving Me is a oneshot written by Yelof530. It was the first death oneshot published, dedicated to Vaughn Shumway, the District 11 male. It was published March 22, 2012, and has since recieved 16 reviews.


The death of a kind soul in the 24th Hunger Games. Chapter 38 seen through different eyes. Oneshot. **Spoilers for Tears of Blood bloodbath!**


Saving Me is written in Vaughn Shumway's point of view. It begins seconds before the 24th Hunger Games begins. After the gong, he runs toward the maze. He trips over supplies and hits the ground. He is able to look over the supplies but reaching up towards his face, he begins vomiting at the sight of his own blood as he had scratched his cheek on a branch. From there, Vaughn is then cornered by Boston Williams, the District 10 male. Vaughn attempts weakly to strike him with a knife from the supply pack, but to no avail. His weapon is knocked out of his hands like nothing, and Boston prepares to kill him. He sees Moss Dorian, the District 4 male, out of the corner of his eye and feels a surge of hope that quickly vanishes as Moss walks away.

Vaughn contemplates his coming death, then begins to flail as Boston puts his foot on his chest to stop him moving. He manages to escape, if only for a little while, before Boston traps him again. Vaughn begins pleading for his life. Moss reappears and begins to walk toward Vaughn, but it is too late---Boston has driven his spear into his chest. Vaughn is dead within seconds. The short story ends as follows; "Lilly [referring to his district partner]," I whisper as darkness overtakes my sights. Or maybe I just thought it. Because when I spoke, all that came up was blood."