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The Quarterstaff is a unique and uncommon weapon in the Games, and very little tributes are known to have weilded it. It is typically a pole weapon, with a long gripping piece in the middle to hold and twirl it, and on either end side is very thick wood or steel, usually accompanied by small steel spikes or studs along the tips to ensure greater damage.

Unlike most other weapons which are self explanatory to use, the Quarterstaff can prove difficult to learn. To weild a Staff properly, one would have to fair well in stanima, agility, and eye coordination. If trained well, a tribute would be able to twirl or spin a Staff repeatedly like a windmill, which could prove deadly against large groups.

Some of the more acrobatic of tributes might very well accompany their spins and quick shots with swift tuck rolls, hops, and even flips, thus confusing and even intimidating a larger opponent.


  • As of yet, the only notable tribute with the ability to properly weild a Staff is Brennadon Rydik, the male District 3 tribute of the Quarter Quell.
  • The proper term for the ability and specialization in Staff combat is called Stick Fighting.
  • Peacekeepers are a few of the only people who are specialized to train in Stick Fighting.