Maeve Morghal
Maeve Morghal.jpg

Name Maeve Morghal
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
District 3
Weapons Prophetic Messages
Appearance Bring Them To Their Knees
Fate N/A
Author Falconflight

Maeve Morghal is the District Three female set to compete in the upcoming Quarter Quell. Maeve is one of the more unique tributes this year, seeing as she can foretell death. Her abilities are unheard of in any of the Districts, and most of her fellow tributes are skeptical of such talent. Maeve claims herself to be Death's Messenger, and goes about her duties day to day receiving prophetic messages about those who will die. Once someone dies, she is able to speak to them in her mind, and the ghost often times gives her more information on future deaths. Maeve's abilities have the potential to become the most dangerous weapon the Games has yet seen, being as it's metaphysical.

Maeve's recurring theme as a character is death. Never will there be a tribute so fond of death than Maeve, and Maeve even claims to serve the almighty Death himself, sometimes speaking to the ethereal being in dreams and visions. Maeve says her only friends are the voices of the dead. In her chapters thus far, three voices, or ghosts, have given Maeve visions of things to come. Jet Couplets is heard very little, but this is the ghost who had told her to enter the Quell in the first place. Jet also tells Maeve that her neighbor, Diode Ohm will die the day of the Reapings. This proves to be true, allowing Diode to take Jet's place, becoming Maeve's sole guide as she stays in the Capitol. Maeve later gains a fifth voice, and it is none other than Jules Serket, who aided the Horsemen alliance with instructions on how to assemble shrapnel bombs. 

Diode supplies information on tribute's deaths and helps Maeve give info to the visiting Head Gamemaker Snow. Hyre Fletching returns as a ghost to give Maeve advice as well, and becomes her next guiding lead. Maeve has a nightmare before the Quell involving Death, telling her that he lied about her fate. When Maeve awakens, she frantically asks Diode if she will indeed die in the Quell, in which there is no reply.

In the arena, Maeve stumbles upon Lucian Drake, who had apparently been expecting her. They quickly form an alliance with Erik and Atalanta based on his instructions--which he calls The Four Horsemen. Maeve obviously becomes the Pale Horse, representing Death. While she and Lucian share similar interests and feelings about death, Maeve's conflicted nature and her unique role in the alliance prevent her from being completely biased, and she doesn't hesitate to insinuate to Erik that Lucian played a major role in Bianca Neve's death. This causes more unrest in the already dysfunctional alliance, eventually resulting in Erik's subsequent departure. 

Maeve was written and created by Falconflight.

Chapter Appearances

Bring Them To Their Knees

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