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Khopesh is a very rare and ancient weapon that has only been included in the Games a couple times in the past. It is a combination of a Sabre and a Sickle, and dates back to the Old World. The Khopesh is infamous for its inclusion in the 7th Hunger Games, where it inflicted many fatalities at the hands of Alistair Drake before finally being broken in half. Since then, the Khopesh has rarely been seen implemented because of its controversial and unfair nature. 

A Khopesh's blade is unique because of its hooked form, which can be used to disarm or even drag an adversary towards the wielder. A Khopesh isn't very difficult to wield, although many Tributes have shied away from such a weapon because of its confusing and mishapen blade. To properly wield a Khopesh, one must have basic training in sword combat. Most of the tactics that can be used against adversaries are improvised.


  • The Khopesh is actually an ancient Egyptian sword, which was used specifically for hooking an opponent's shield or disarming them of their weapons.
  • Alistair Drake used a Khopesh to slay a great many Tributes during the 7th Hunger Games, this was due to the fact that a sword of such a nature had never been seen before in the Games.
  • Lucian Drake, the District 12 male in the Quarter Quell, has trained and shows great interest in wielding the Khopesh like his uncle had.