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Hyre Fletching's Bracelet.jpg

"You gave this to me a day you forgot I existed, brother ... Isn't it strange that I remembered this the day you wished I never existed?" 

-- Hyre Fletching 

Hyre Fletching's token was a bracelet created by his younger twin brother, Jaime, using three red strings tied together in complex knots. Years ago, Jaime created the bracelet for Hyre as a last minute birthday present after he had completely forgotten Hyre even shared the same birthday. Hyre had worn the measly present years afterward, learning to treasure it. After Hyre recieved no visitors, he realized he needed some form of token, the three-stringed bracelet caught his eye, and Hyre decided to use the old birthday gift as his token. 

Later during the Interviews, Hyre instinctively reaches for the bracelet to comfort himself after Caeser mentions Jaime--but realizes that he had dropped the token after his Prep Team had almost torn it off back at the Training Center. Hyre describes how odd it felt to not have been wearing it for the first time. It is unknown if Hyre had worn the bracelet during the Games as he competed--however, seeing as the token was dropped somewhere in the Training Center, it is unlikely Hyre ever saw it again.

Hyre thought of the bracelet as a reminder of the only time his brother had ever truly noticed him. Hyre's habit of wearing the bracelet became instinctive years afterward. After Hyre beat Jaime to the stage, Hyre then began to use the bracelet as a symbol for Jaime in general--realizing that if he had won and returned, Jaime's care for Hyre would have been nonexistent. The bracelet also represented the only solitary remnant of home, and the only reminder of the family that once cared for him. Dropping the bracelet left a small tear in Hyre's heart, and may have led to his inner downfall.