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Ameega "Meeg" Nunez
Title Ameega "Meeg" Nunez
Name Meeg
Age 21
Gender Female
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District Capitol
Weapons None
Appearance Tears of Blood
Fate Underappreciated Gamemaker
Author Yelof530

Meeg is the lesser known Gamemaker of both the 24th and 25th Hunger Games. She was previously an intern prior to those Games. Not much is said about Meeg, simply that she is overeager and tends to ogle at the Head Gamemaker. She also receives the least prestigious jobs during the running of the Games. Her only role of note was when she was in charge of releasing mutts during the 24th Hunger Games, as witnessed in Tears of Blood , failing to do so as she was to caught up in her thoughts to press the button. However, her chapter first introduced the "behind-the-scenes" of the Gamemakers, and first introduced Head Gamemaker Phoenix and Gamemaker Belles.

What Didn't You Know?[]

  • Meeg's full name is Ameega Nunez.
  • No one knows her full name
  • No one honestly cares to know her nickname either.
  • Her mother is a District Two immigrant from the Dark Days
  • Meeg adores cats and ponies
  • She has a weakness for soft things
  • She loves cherries

Meeg's Snazzy Wear