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Gamemakers are people from the Capitol who design The Hunger Games each year.


The Gamemakers design and control The Hunger Games. They design the arena, the outfits, and a number of the deaths. From the tiniest detail to the biggest bloodbath, the Gamemakers are in charge of entertaining the Capitol to the fullest. A dry and boring Hunger Games means that the head Gamemaker's life is in peril. A bloody and fantastic Games that keeps the crowd on the edge of their seats brings the Gamemakers fame and fortune. Although the Gamemakers are in charge of the Games, President Finn's opinion is what matters most.

The Gamemakers job is to make the Hunger Games as spectacular, bloody and entertaining as possible. When the Head Gamemaker feels that the Games are becoming boring, they will introduce some new element such as a forest fire or tsunami or announce a feast to excite the audience, drive the tributes closer together and kill some of them off. The Gamemakers are responsible for the announcements made in the arena and sound the cannons upon a Tribute's death. They also unleash lab-grown muttations into the arena to add another obsticle to survival. ttThe Gamemakers also operate the extensive survaillence system in the arena, ensuring the tributes are being watched constantly.