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A Flail is an uncommon weapon that can be weilded in the Games. A Flail is a difficult weapon to obtain in the Cornucopia, and can often be found burried deep in the mouth of the Cornucopia. Due to the rarity and difficulty in obtaining, Careers are often the Tributes seen with a Flail the most.

A Flail is similar in design to a Morning Star club or mace, however, instead of the spiked ball being attached to the grip itself, it is connected by a chain. Combat with a Flail is unusual because of this, and would require the weilder to swing the ball so it impacts the adversary. A medium length distance would be best when fighting.

A Flail can be a very intimidating and dangerous weapon, even in the hands of a shorter or weaker Tribute. There is little skill involved in the Flail, and it requires only eye coordination and a lot of agility. The only downside to a Flail is that there is absolutely no defense to any other weapons, which would put the weilder in a precarious position against greater skilled opponents. A Flail would be a better weapon to have as a side weapon, with a short sword to defend and parry against other weapons.

Flail Variants

Double/Triple Ball Flail

Triple Ball Medieval Flail.jpg

Although it is uncommon to see double or even triple ball flails in the Games, it has occurred in the past. These Flails are no different from a single ball Flail, and are often dual wielded by Careers to add up to the total destruction.