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Edrick Quillheart
Edrick D6.png
Name Edrick Quillheart
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 162 lbs
District Six
Weapons Scythe
Appearance Bring Them to Their Knees
Fate Reaped at the 25th Hunger Games and first ever Quarter Quell by vote.
Author ThunderstruckMV15

Edrick Quillheart is a tribute in the 25th annual Hunger Games and the first ever Quarter Quell. He is from District 6 and his partner is Londyn Aureole.

"Edrick is tall, about 6'1", and brawny, but not bulky. His short brown hair is always messed up and spiked at the front (see picture on the right). He has rough, crude facial hair that he refuses to shave except for once a week. His vivid green eyes seemed like they would glow in the dark, and his thin, straight eyebrows were always low, just above his eyes, giving him a perpetual angry look on his face." (this, an exerpt from Edrick Quillheart's reaping chapter in BTTTK).