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Dying Humanely is a oneshot written by mrslukecastellan. It was the second death oneshot published, dedicated to Onyx Marshall, the District 2 female. It was published April 5, 2012, and has since recieved 17 reviews.


The death of a certain female tribute in the 24th Hunger Games. Chapter 40 seen through different eyes. Oneshot. **Spoilers for Tears of Blood bloodbath!**


The story begins with Onyx contemplating being a Career. She then proceeds to try and corner Maia Spring, hoping to kill her, but Aleah Armani "beats her to it". The two girls banter for awhile, then Aleah attacks Onyx. She threatens to "carve her initials" into the Career's back, then begins to do so. Onyx soon after sees her district partner, Hyre Fletching. She tries to warn him to run, but he doesn't back down. Aleah threatens to kill both of them, then holds her knife to Onyx's throat. Onyx seizes the oppurtunity and fling Aleah away from her. She lunges at the District 10 tribute, who runs away. As Onyx is about to run after her, Hyre warns her not to.

Hyre and Onyx chat for a moment about the Games, then they spot Clude Miller, D12. Onyx quickly kills him and dances around in happiness. Hyre acts disgusted at her joy, then as Onyx makes her excuses, she reveals that she wants to get Hyre home safely, not herself. Hyre is surprised, but Onyx, even though she meant it, brushes it off. They run into Nella Burchalynn, D7, but Hyre convinces Onyx not to kill her. They bicker for a moment, then kiss, revealing their true feelings for each other. This sudden release of emotion confuses Onyx, and she realizes what she "has to do". She thrusts her knife into Hyre's hands, then embraces and kisses him, thus forcing the knife into herself. She muses to herself about her family as she dies and makes Hyre promise to give a note she wrote to her brother "when he wins". They whisper to each other that they love each other, then Onyx dies.

We skip to Mason Marshal's point of view. He is in a bar, watching the Games, and sees his sister die. He hears the drunks talk about "waiting for them [Hyre and Onyx] to have sex", and betting about the deaths. Mason loses it and starts shouting at Jaime, Hyre's brother. He turns back to the screen to see Hyre putting on Onyx's locket, and muses about seeing Onyx in the next life. The story ends.