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A Club, also known as a Mace, is a common weapon used in the Games, and can be found nearest to the mouth of the Cornucopia along with the other common weapons. Unlike other weapons which feature some sort of blade, a Mace is a blunt weapon, and thus focuses on bludgeoning as opposed to slashing.

A Club is very simple to weild, and requires little to no experience, which provides an advantage to weaker or smaller Tributes. A grip is located near the butt of the weapon, while the head of the weapon features a hard and heavy piece of steel or iron. The design of the head varies, and some Clubs may seem heavier to hold than others because of this.

While Clubs cannot be thrown well because of their weight, they are very dangerous in close quarters combat, and one solid strike to the head of an opponent could render them unconscious and has a high possibility of proving fatal on the first strike if aimed correctly. Many weaker Tributes make the mistake of blindly swinging at an opponent's body in a desperate attempt to dehabilitate them. Body shots do not prove as effective as head shots, although either wound will pain them greatly.

Club Variants[]

Morning Star[]


The Morning Star is different from other clubs because of its spiked ball at the head of the weapon. Typically, a club is classified as a Morning Star if one or more spikes are present on the head of the weapon.

Morning Stars tend to be heavier, but can prove intimidating on the field. Morning Stars also tend to be more deadly in their shots; Morning Stars tend to be less common than ordinary Clubs, and if they are implemented, will usually be near the middle of the Cornucopia.