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Bring Them To Their Knees is the sequel to Tears of Blood. It depicts the 25th Hunger Games, and also the birth of the First Quarter Quell; the "catch" being that all of the tributes were chosen through a voting process by the citizens of their Districts. 

Authors and their Tributes[]

District 1:

Male: Canicus "Born of Fire" Macaulay (II-Gen3sis-II)

Female: Admire Blanchard (Crazy-ForeverxXx)

District 2:

Male: Jet Matthews (LoveIsBlindness)

Female: Sade Artois (NotReallyAnOriginalUsername)

District 3:

Male: Brennadon "Bren" Rydik (Fritz as Pritz)

Female: Maeve Morghal (Falconflight)

District 4:

Male: Con Rossencourte (packman23)

Female: Roulla Saney (Jayfish)

District 5:

Male: Bastian Estatika (DryBonesKing)

Female: Atalanta Zimmerman (leontopithecusrosalia)

District 6:

Male: Edrick Quillheart (ThunderstruckMV15)

Female: Londyn Aureole (1Styx and Stones1)

District 7:

Male: Jonas Emerson (Yelof530)

Female: Alexis Spurling (Hazelshade12)

District 8:

Male: Damian Blackwater (xXTeamFinnickXx)

Female: Anya Powers (nightfuries)

District 9:

Male: Gabriel Alaric Pakalin Denovo (Alaric Pakalin) (booksandmusic97)

Female: Juniper Harris (Holly Blossom)

District 10:

Male: Sean Armani (cottoncandychoctop)

Female: Jilla Dahlsom (PumpkinGrin)

District 11:

Male: Erik Fiske (NicKenny)

Female: Bianca Neve (Johnbeerius)

District 12:

Male: Lucian Drake (JGrayzz)

Female: Galla Cinder (Gingerclaw)

Placing Name Gender District Death Killed by Author
24th Alexis Spurling Female 7 Decapitated by shrapnel Gamemakers Hazelshade12
23rd Edrick Quillheart Male 6 Killed in explosion Gamemakers ThunderstruckMV15
22nd Bianca Neve Female 11 Hit on the head with mace Lucian Drake Johnbeerius
21st Con Rossencourte Male 4 Strangled with belt Admire Blanchard packman23
20th Bastian Estatika Male 5 Drowned in mud Jet Matthews DryBonesKing
19th Juniper Harris Female 9 Stabbed in neck with hatchet Jonas Emerson Holly Blossom
18th Galla Cinder Female 12 Torn apart by mutant ferrets Gamemakers Gingerclaw
17th Alaric Pakalin Male 9 Unknown Unknown booksandmusic97