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Brennadon Rydik
Brennadon- D3.jpg
Name Brennadon "Bren" Rydik
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 147 lbs
District Three
Weapons Quarterstaff; Fists
Appearance Bring Them To Their Knees
Fate Unknown
Author Fritz as Pritz

Brennadon "Bren" Rydik is the tribute picked by District Three to go into the first ever Quarter Quell (25th Annual Hunger Games). He is created by Fritz as Pritz .


His mother, Lilith (née Rydik), was married to a wealthy man by the name of Alum Hayes. She had three children to him when he had an untimely death in one of his factoriess. After his death, she mourned her loss in a bar where she met the rising Peacekeeper, Westley. Eager to try to numb away the death of her husband, she sleeps with him and unintentionally gets pregnant. She had intended to have an abortion, but when Westley finds out, he convinces/ forced her to have it.

The minute he was born, his half-siblings had despised him. To them he was the proof of their mother's unfaithfulness to their father, even though he was already dead. Their hatred was able to lean people to see him as they did: an abomination. The citizens of District Three didn't like how he came from a Peacekeeper and the Peacekeepers didn't like how Westley disobeyed the rules and let his child live.

Growing up, he would get sneers from the other children in his district such as, the Peacekeeper's little bastard or the son of the devil. Their teasing as well as his quick temper drove him into many fights, giving people even more of a reason to dislike him.

He had very little friends as a child, except for one, his neighbor Polly. When they started school, she eventually started to call him names as well and he got so angry and hurt that he accidentally hit her. That made anyone who had once pity him immediately hate him and he was branded an outcast and a trouble maker.

To try to keep his son's spirits alive and to keep on his tradition, Westley trained his son for the Hunger Games. With the very little choice of weapons in District Three, he was forced to improvise with a quarterstaff and kitchen knives. This gave him time to form a strong bond with his son and it gave Brennadon a way to turn his anger toward his district in a more healthy way.

With his new outlet for his rage, he found it a little easier to control himself and not hit every person who insulted him. He and his nephew, Faraday, grew very close.

Chapter Appearances

Bring Them to Their Knees


  • Brennadon could very well be a Ninja, but this is as of yet...unconfirmed.