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Boston Williams
Boston WilliamsD10.jpg
Name Boston Williams
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 180 lbs
District 10
Weapons Hammer, Spear, Brute Strength
Appearance Tears of Blood
Fate Deceased
Author packman23

Boston Williams was the District Ten male who competed in the 24th Hunger Games. Boston Williams, despite being from an outlying District, seemed to hold himself quite well in the Games, even on his own during the chaotic Bloodbath; and managed to become a part of the Careers. And this is due to Boston's size and strength, rivaling that of most, if not all of the tributes. Because of this advantage, the Careers saw an oppurtunity to take Boston under their wing, mostly for their own protection rather than his. Boston managed to kill three tributes, Vaughn Shumway of District Eleven, Tara Tremain of District Twelve, and Oak Loaker of District Eight. Boston even fought with his own strength, lifting mutts and a couple tributes up by their throats. If Boston had not perished, he had the potential to kill many more, and perhaps might have ended up in the final four.

Unfortunately, because of Boston's rapidly declining mental faculties, and his preferance of using brawns over brains, Boston's reign of terror did not last long. After Boston's insane rampage in the Graveyard, Elia Zervakos finally put an end to the beast by stabbing him through the gut with her trident.

Boston is most remembered for his inner darkness and sociopathic nature, often describing himself as a walking stone, keeping most if not all human emotion bottled up inside of him. In some parts of the story, Boston described the "splintering and cracking" of his sanity day by day. Boston, while in the Games, began hallucinating even before the Gamemakers started to cause all the tributes to become insane through their technology, indicating that Boston had never been entirely "normal" to begin with. Boston is also remembered for his hatred and misunderstanding for humankind, only seeming to feel a sense of care for his family. So much so that it prevented him from competing normally, often confusing tributes for his sister, Vienna, and being haunted by voices. Boston's twisted nature only made itself more apparent when he was around his District partner, Aleah. In the end, his extreme hatred for Aleah and their infamous turbulent relationship, became the death of him.

Boston Williams was written and created by packman23.

Chapter Appearances[]

Tears of Blood[]