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Bastian Estatika
Name Bastian Estatika
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 154 lbs
District 5
Weapons N/A
Appearance Bring Them To Their Knees
Fate Deceased
Author DryBonesKing

Bastian Estatika was the District Five male who competed in the Quarter Quell. Bastian appeared to be a shy, kind-hearted, and compassionate tribute who was only voted in because of an infamous accident that ocurred in one of the power plants of District Five. Bastian was ostracized and hated for something he never caused, and thus recieved the most votes. Because of his father, Bastian's story is a rather tragic one. 

At the time before his departure, Bastian was an up and coming writer who planned to release several fantasy novels. When he was chosen, Bastian did not doubt for a second that it would be him, and had trained himself to use knives. Even despite his low chances, Bastian still had hope that he would be emerging victorious. In the Capitol, Bastian often wrote in a notebook about Arena scenarios and possibilities, and would also transcribe his observations of other tributes within the pages. During the night of the Chariot Rides, Bastian conjured up a plan; one that could affect and disrupt the entire sequence of the Games altogether, and spent an entire night writing out this plan. 

Unfortununately, this plan never came to pass. Bastian fell off the Cornucopia and broke his left leg in the process. After the Bloodbath, Bastian slowly managed to make his way into the forest. The Careers, however, were not far off, and Jet Matthews began to track Bastian's scent and footprints. Once found, Jet began to mentally and physically torture Bastian, with Jet expressing evident delight in his first kill. Bastian would not go down being humiliated, and as a last symbol of defiance, Bastian spit in Jet's face. Jet then killed him brutally, burying his head under the mud and suffocating him. Jet then sadistically scalped Bastian, and kept it as a trophy. Disturbingly enough, at the death of Bastian, the citizens of the District Five tower audibly cheered in glee at his death. 

Bastian is most remembered for his love of writing. Bastian stated in his interview with Caesar that he wished to publish a book in his time at the Capitol. Bastian's legacy remains unclear, but as the result of the citizens from Five cheering at his death, Erik Fiske fell into a state of madness, and felt that the injustice needed to be corrected, and Bastian's death avenged. 

Bastian was written and created by DryBonesKing

Chapter Appearances[]

Bring Them To Their Knees[]