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(Alternate spelling: ax)

The axe is a very commonly seen weapon in the Hunger Games. In Tears of Blood, both Aspen Chekhov and Aella Dekas were seen wielding axes during the Games. In the 25th Hunger Games, several tributes are noted to specialize in axe combat.

The axe is a very simple weapon to wield, because of it's light weight and strong and sturdy blade which is known to lodge itself inside a Tribute. Aspen Chekhov had learned to throw axes, which is an extremely deadly talent that is capable of near instant fatality.

Axe Variants[]

Battle axe[]

As noted above, the battle axe is the most common type of axe wielded during the Games, as it is usually found within the jumble of other weapons inside the Cornucopia. It is both a projectile and melee weapon.

Double-sided axe[]

Double-Sided Axe

The double-edged or double-sided axe is a heavier melee weapon, and is sometimes built much longer. Careers have been known to wield this weapon and other styles of it, and have also been known to throw it like a spear at other tributes. Interestingly enough, Aella Dekas learned to use a double axe during the 24th Hunger Games, and it was her main weapon throughout the story.