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Assistant Gamemaker Belles Crowne
"What defines us is how well we rise after falling."
Name Belles Crowne
Age 21
Gender Female
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District Capitol
Weapons Clipboard
Appearance Many similarities to her sister, Phoenix.
Fate Assistant Gamemaker
Author Phoenix Refrain and isabugg

Hair color

Having a last name that reflects the immediate life of luxury she was born into, Belles Crowne is both the half-sister and assistant of Gamemaker Phoenix Snow.

Phoenix worked her way to the top, ranking herself Head Gamemaker by the young age of 25. Belles received her authoritative role by simply existing, and she will always be infinitely grateful toward her sister for making it that easy.

Although Belles does not share the same father as Phoenix, she feels as if they share a complete core. While being completely indifferent toward everyone else, even her mother, Phoenix is a bright and brilliant burst of light in Belles' life.

Born four years after her sister and immediately after their mother's second marriage, Belles had never known the hardships of the rebellion nor the pain Phoenix feels for the death of the father she had never known. Despite this, Belles still feels the same bitterness toward the districts that her sister feels, and she is willing to relinquish just as much chaos and suffering onto them.

The Capitol alterations she has appearance-wise are not that much different from her sister's—hair color, eye color—but her paper pale skin is free from tattoos.

She can be compared to Regina George, and a lot of people have felt personally victimized by her.