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Aella Dekas
Aella Dekas.jpg
Name Aella Dekas
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 128 lbs
District 5
Weapons Double-Sided Axe
Appearance Tears of Blood
Fate Deceased
Author Alexa S. Blaze

Aella Dekas was the District Five female who participated in the 24th Hunger Games. Aella lasted almost as long as her partner, ending up in the final eight. Aella did not manage to kill any tributes, but for most of the Games, was involved in the Anti-Career alliance. Aella was eventually stabbed through the stomach by Aleah, sparking near insanity in Moss Dorian. Aella's dying words to Moss gave him the inspiration to shout his rant and outrage to the sky, thus a minor revolution sparking, and thus The Quarter Quell was created.

Aella is most known for her hidden beauty and tomboyish tendencies. Aella constantly wore baggy clothes to hide her feminine figure, and always thought of herself as different from the rest of the girls.

Aella was written and created by Alexa S. Blaze.

Chapter Appearances[]

Tears of Blood[]